Welcome to Journalism 61

This blog will serve as an information hub for Journalism 61, section 4. In addition to blog posts related to readings and assignments, you’ll find several tabbed pages offering basic information on the course:

  • the syllabus tab provides an overview of the class, lists the required texts, and reviews class policies and procedures
  • the grading tab explains how the class is organized and graded
  • the class schedule tab provides…you guessed it…the class schedule, along with links to assignments
  • the resources page offers links to helpful online resources for this class

RSS feedIf you’d like to keep tabs on any new posts to this blog, you can subscribe to it using the RSS button in the sidebar. If you click on that button, you’ll be asked if you want to add a feed from this blog to your favorite feed reader, such as Google Reader or Yahoo. If you don’t yet have a feed reader, we’ll talk about how to set one up in class.

I’m also going to ask each student enrolled in this class to start a blog. Rather than have you hand in hard copies of all your assignments, I’m going to ask you to post some of them on a blog. I’m also going to ask you to put an RSS feed in your blog so I can easily subscribe to them all.

Although I’m using a wordpress.com blog for this class, I’d suggest you go to blogger.com to start your own blog. Blogger blogs are a little easier to use and Blogger makes it fairly easy to add an RSS feed (we’ll do that part in class). To create a Blogger blog, you’ll need a Gmail account — again, we’ll take care of that in class of you don’t have one.

See you in class!


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