Miss a lecture? Catch the podcast!

I’ve been busy today editing an audio file of Tuesday’s section 4 lecture and putting it online as a podcast. If you missed Tuesday’s lecture, or you’d just like to be able to review some of the information, now you can listen to it. And if you’re taking the online section of the class, you can listen to it too. It includes the slides from the PowerPoint I showed during Tuesday’s class.

podcast.jpgHere’s the link to my Jour 61 Podcasts web page: http://web.mac.com/cynmccune/iWeb/Jour61/. You can subscribe to this page if you’d like to be notified of future podcasts. I’ve also submitted this podcast to iTunes, and you should soon be able to subscribe through iTunes as well. I will also add a permanent podcasts page to this blog/site.

The first podcast lecture focuses on:

  • The value of basic news writing skills
  • The 5Ws & 1H of lead-writing (helpful info for your lead-writing assignments)
  • News values: What makes the news the news (helpful for the “Top New” assignment)
  • Referrals to helpful sections of our textbook and this web site

I will be podcasting other lectures and class notes as the semester progresses; I’m aiming to do one a week. This podcast is on the long side, at about 25 minutes. In the future, I’ll probably try to keep them to 15 minutes. Think of them as the Cliff Notes version of our class.


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