Putting blogs to work

Wondering how you might put a blog to good use (other than for posting your class assignments or for personal journaling)? You might want to take a look at JMC grad student Ryan Sholin’s blog, Invisible Inkling.

Blog as PortfolioHe’s used his blog as a venue to explore his chosen field of online journalism, and to make a name for himself in the field. He’s recently added an online portfolio page to his blog. It does a nice job of showcasing his experience, his skills and his aspirations.

This type of thing works best on a WordPress blog (like the one used for the home page of this class) because it supports stand-alone, linked “pages” as well as chronological blog posts. The Blogger blogs that most of you are using for this class are a little easier to use, but lack that handy “pages” feature.

While you’re taking a look at Sholin’s online portfolio, you might also want to peruse some of his blog posts. You could learn a thing or two.


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