Blogging assignment – s. 4

Section 4 students: Toward the end of last Tuesday’s class, I sent you out to observe the close of SJSU’s commemoration of the day 39 years ago when Tommy Smith and John Carlos raised their black-gloved fists during a medals ceremony at the 1968 Olympics. I told you to observe the scene and blog about it; I asked you to be descriptive and include at least one quote from someone involved in the event or at the scene.

Update News teamSome of you have already blogged about this event; others have not. If you want a little more information on it, you might want to watch this week’s Update News program — it’s the lead story.

You can find a link to Update News on the Spartan Daily website and on SJSU’s Academic Technology webcast page.

Also, here’s a description of the event from an email I received about it:

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007, marks the 39th Anniversary of Tommie Smith & John Carlos’ historic stand during the 1968 Olympics. In honor of the anniversary, the Associated Students in conjunction with several professors on campus have planned a noon hour lecture titled “Student Advocacy: Past and Present” to occur on the sculpture garden lawn, adjacent to the statue of Tommie Smith & John Carlos and Clark Hall. We will be using a small sound system to amplify the voices of our guest speakers (who are all SJSU professors and the AS President), and having a short drumming performance prior to the lecture. We expect about 100-150 students and staff to attend.

Please be sure to get your description of this event posted on your blog before next Tuesday’s class.


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