Reflective writing — extra credit option!

By the end of the semester, we’re usually in such a rush to get everything done that there’s no time to reflect on what we’ve done and what we’ve learned.

That’s the goal of this extra credit assignment: to give you an opportunity to reflect on your final project for this class — the magazine project. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s worth up to 15 points extra credit!
Here are some questions to consider as you write:

  • Did this project turn out the way you thought it would? Are you happy with the results? Why or why not?
  • Did this project come together the way you thought it would? Did it take more time (or less time!) than you thought?
  • What parts of this project did you enjoy the most? The least? What parts were you best at? What skills do you still need to improve?
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • Did this project (or this class) change your career plans or expectations in any way?
  • Do you have any suggestions for a student doing a similar project?

This extra credit option is worth up to 15 points. Although I’m asking for reflective journal-style writing, remember that grammar, spelling and and AP style count. Your reflective essay should be 250-350 words. You may submit it as a hard copy during the final exam period, or post it on your blog.