Get me rewrite!

A couple of you have asked me about doing rewrites. If your assignment has significant problems, I usually tell you to rewrite it. But even if I don’t ask you to do a rewrite, you may want to consider it.

In fact, I can think of two really good reasons for you to rewrite an assignment that didn’t come off as well as you (or I) had hoped:

  1. Rewriting is the best way I know to learn from your mistakes and continue to improve your writing skills
  2. Rewriting is a good way to earn back some points on lower-grade assignments

As a general rule, if you get less than a B on an assignment, I recommend that you rewrite it. If you do a strong rewrite, you can earn back up to half of the points you lost the first time around. For example, if you originally got 7 out of 10 points (a C-), a rewrite could bring that up to 8.5 (a B).

If you do a rewrite, please do not delete your original assignment. Instead, put your revision in the same blog post above your original version. That way I can compare them.

To make sure I can find your rewrite, please add the word “Rewrite” or “Revision” to the title of your blog post. It also helps if your blog shows a list of “recent posts” in the sidebar, so I can easily scan your recent posts and spot any that have been revised. (If it doesn’t, in Blogger you can add that feature by going to the “layout” tab and clicking on “add and arrange page elements.”)

You might also want to consider signing up for the News University tutorial, “Get Me Rewrite: The Craft of Revision.” This online class is free — all you have to do is register.


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