Redefining the news

JMC grad student and blogger Ryan Sholin spends a lot of time thinking about the future of journalism and online news. In a recent blog post, Links that redefine news, he gives several examples of “online news sites and projects that stray from the traditional definition of news” and offer intriguing ideas about the future direction of online journalism.

Your assignment (due March 1) is to check out a few of these links, then write a blog post (title it “Redefining News”) on the link you find most interesting. What do you find most interesting about it? Do you think it holds promise for online journalism? Why or why not?

Be sure to look at the comments section for this blog post too — you’ll find more links to interesting experimental news-related sites and online mash-ups.

You might also want to read Sholin’s previous blog post, Inventing Journalism.


8 responses to “Redefining the news

  1. I had a question regarding formatting years in a radio or television broadcast. For example, if I need to say that an event began in 1994, would I need to spell it out as “nineteen ninety four”?

  2. No, you don’t need to spell out years. Just write it as “1994.”

    Yes, you do need to write out web addresses. Ex.: w-w-w-dot-yahoo-dot-com.

  3. Hi Jennifer. I see that the last one on Ryan’s list, the link to “Beat Blogging,” no longer works. But everything else worked for me.

  4. I’m a little confused on what this assignment is asking for. This one was written with a deadline of March 1st. What do you need from the Fall ’08 class? Can I please have some instructions for this assignment? Thank you.

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