Welcome to Journalism 61

Welcome to Journalism 61, section 4.

This is a fully online class, so there are no scheduled class meetings. However, I’d be happy to meet with you during my office hours if you’d like to stop by my office (DBH 127) sometime.

You’ll notice this blog has tabs at the top labeled blog (that’s the part you’re reading right now), assignments, class schedule, etc. These tabbed pages are where you can find the basic information you’ll need to succeed in this class. (These pages are also listed at the top of this blog’s sidebar at right.)

For example, you’ll find the required texts for this course listed on the syllabus tab. The class schedule tab provides a week-by-week list of assigned readings, writing assignments and due dates, and the assignments page describes (or provides links to) specific assignments.

Your first assignment is to set up a blog to use for this class, and send me your new blog’s URL. You’ll post most of your assignments on your class blog, and that’s where I’ll review and comment on them.

Here’s a blog post on how to set up a blog and get started in this class. Or simply click on “Getting Started” in the Category list at right.