Bad podcast links

I’ve heard from a couple students that the podcast links on this blog’s “PDFs & Podcasts” page are not working. I checked, and you’re right. Those links aren’t working. I suspect it’s due to recent changes to Apple’s dot.mac service, where my podcasts are hosted. I’ll try to resolve the problem this weekend.

In the meantime, the good news is that my podcasts are still there. (Yeah!) You can access them by following this link to my main Journalism 61 podcasts webpage, and scrolling down that page to find the specific podcast you’d like to hear. Click on the “Listen” link for the specific podcast to play it.

I’ve also added a link to my main Journalism 61 podcasts page on the “PDFs & Podcasts” page of this blog.


2 responses to “Bad podcast links

  1. I’ve got good news — you can do that now.

    To download these podcasts for your iPod, go to the iTunes Store and type “Journalism 61” in the search box (located in the top right corner of the web site). Then hit “enter.” My Journalism 61 podcasts should be the top item on your search results.

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