Copy Edit help

I’m noticing that some of you are having trouble finding typos and AP Style errors for the Copy Edit the World assignment. And I’m suspecting that some of you are simply republishing errors that others have found and posted online. For this assignment, I want you to find the errors yourself, not direct me to ones that others have found.

So here’s my advice for finding errors: Look at posters, fliers, menus, signs, billboards, church newsletters, class greensheets. Look carefully, and you’ll see that many of them have errors. You can either photograph those errors and put them on your blog, or drop them off at my office — with the errors marked and corrected, of course.

If you’re still stuck, and you’re on campus on Monday or Wednesday, stop by my office and we’ll take a quick walk around DBH in search of typos and AP Style errors. I guarantee it won’t take long to find some.

By the way, for the remaining Copy Edit the World submissions, please tell me where you spotted the error so I’ll know it’s your “find.”


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