Copy Editing practice

I’d like you to start keeping an eye out for Copy Edit the World candidates. Your first 10 points worth of Copy Edit the World is due Feb. 21, but it helps to get started early on this assignment.

To help you get in practice, here are a couple of samples:





The first person to correctly identify and correct the typo in either one of these items gets 2 points extra credit.

Please post your correction by using the comments link at the top of this blog post.

One typo per person, please. Let’s spread the wealth around.


Welcome to JOUR 61

If you’re enrolled in Journalism 61, Section 80, for the spring semester, you’ve found the right place. This blog will serve as the home page for this class.

I’m currently updating the class schedule and assignments for the spring semester, so don’t be surprised if things change a bit between visits.

During the first week of classes, I’ll send an email to all students enrolled in this class to tell you how to get started. In the meantime, here’s a hint: You’ll start by setting up your own blog. For information on how to get started in this class, click on the “Getting Started” tab at the top of this blog.