I’ve asked some of you to revise some assignments. But even if I don’t request it, you can revise any assignment where you received a less-than-stellar grade. Revising makes most sense for assignments where you get a B- or less.

With a good revision, you can earn back up to half the points you lost the first time around. Just put “revised” in the title of the blog post — that’s my signal to go back and regrade it. If I don’t get back to it within a week, pop me an email reminder.


3 responses to “Revisions

  1. Hi! This may be a stupid question, but how do we know what grades we get? All our homework, so far, have been posted on blogger, right? Is there a way we can check our grades? Thank you!

  2. Yes, I usually put your grade in my comment. If I don’t, usually that’s because it’s fine … and you can assume you got full credit.

    Once we get the assignments completely sorted out (as you’ve probably noticed, Dona and I made a couple of changes this week), I’ll provide an Excel spreadsheet listing all assignments — with their point values and required word counts — so you can track your own grade.

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