Schedule changes

If you’ve looked closely at the class schedule this week, you may have noticed that I’ve made a few changes. I’ve moved up a couple assignments, originally scheduled for later in the semester, to mid-March, and I’ve pushed back the start of the Broadcast Segment.

The upshot: This will give you an extra week to complete your “Real Life Reporting” assignment, the final project for the News Writing Segment of this class. It also gives you a bit of a breather between the due dates for your two major writing projects for this segment, the Profile and Real Life Reporting assignments.

We’ll start the Broadcast Segment after spring break. At three weeks, I know it looks short … but you’ll apply those skills again for your final magazine/multimedia project.


3 responses to “Schedule changes

  1. Hi!

    I had to completely backtrack today: I missed an assignment along the way somewhere!

    While going back, I noticed some students are getting up to 20 points for the Future of the News assignment while others are getting up to 10 points- exactly how much is that assignment worth?


  2. Halfway through grading this assignment, I decided it was worth more than 10 points. So multiply your grade by 2. I’ve already adjusted all 10-point grades on my grading sheet.

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