Spell it right

If you have trouble keeping lose and loose straight … or if you tend to mix up then and than, or there, their and they’re, than then this page is for you: Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling.


Assignment updates

I’ve updated the class schedule to reflect the changes we discussed in class:

  • This week’s “on the ground reporting” assignment (a news story on either the Locavore Fair or the MADD exhibit on campus) should be about 350 words long and doubled spaced. Your story should include information and/or quotes from at least three sources (people you interviewed), only one of which can be another Jour 61 classmate. This news story is due Monday, Oct. 31. Please submit it as a hard copy.
  • I’ve pushed back the due date of your classmate profile to Wednesday, Nov. 2., from Oct. 31. Please submit your 350-500 word profile (yes, I am making it a bit shorter than originally listed) as a hard copy. Note: In this case, a single-source story is OK.

I’ve also updated the description of the Online Package assignment on the Assignments page of the Jour61 class blog.