Welcome to Journalism 61, s. 80

If you’ve found your way to this blog, it’s probably because you’ve signed up (or are thinking about signing up) for Journalism 61, section 80. Or perhaps you followed the link from my SJSU faculty page, or from one of my other class blogs.

In any case, welcome to the class blog for Journalism 61, section 80.

As you may have gathered, Journalism 61, s. 80, is a fully online class. There are no scheduled class meetings, and most of your assignments will be submitted online. Other than the textbook, all class materials are on this blog — that includes the syllabus, class schedule, resources and links to assignments. Please feel free to poke around — just understand that I’m in the process of updating some of the links.

At the start of the semester, I will email all students enrolled in this class and ask them to set up their own blog to use for this class (the “Getting Started” link at the top of this page explains how to do that). In this class, you will submit most of your assignments on your blog. I will read your assignments on your blog, and I will use your blog’s “comment” feature to critique your assignments and coach you on how to improve your writing.

To succeed in an online class like this, it helps to be organized, self-motivated, and able to work independently. Specifically, the key to doing well in this class is to complete all of the assignments on time, and to rewrite any assignments where your grade is below a “B.” (Yes, I encourage rewrites because I think it helps you improve your writing.)

If you run into problems with any of the assignments, I’m always happy to meet with you on campus during my office hours (M/W), or to talk with you via email, phone, or chat.


Welcome to Journalism 61

Welcome to Journalism 61, section 4.

This is a fully online class, so there are no scheduled class meetings. However, I’d be happy to meet with you during my office hours if you’d like to stop by my office (DBH 127) sometime.

You’ll notice this blog has tabs at the top labeled blog (that’s the part you’re reading right now), assignments, class schedule, etc. These tabbed pages are where you can find the basic information you’ll need to succeed in this class. (These pages are also listed at the top of this blog’s sidebar at right.)

For example, you’ll find the required texts for this course listed on the syllabus tab. The class schedule tab provides a week-by-week list of assigned readings, writing assignments and due dates, and the assignments page describes (or provides links to) specific assignments.

Your first assignment is to set up a blog to use for this class, and send me your new blog’s URL. You’ll post most of your assignments on your class blog, and that’s where I’ll review and comment on them.

Here’s a blog post on how to set up a blog and get started in this class. Or simply click on “Getting Started” in the Category list at right.

Welcome to Journalism 61

This blog serves as the home page of the online section of Journalism 61.

To get started in the class, you’ll need to email me at cynthia.mccune [at] sjsu.edu to confirm that you’ve registered for the class. That will be my cue to add you to my email list for the class. Some assignments will be emailed, so you’ll want to make sure you’re on my list.

Most of your writing assignments will be delivered to me via a blog, so the next thing you’ll need to do is set up your own blog for this class. (As you can see at right, a couple of students have already set up their blogs. Feel free to check them out!) Click here for directions on how to set up a blog. If you run into any problems, email me.

To confirm that you’ve completed the first assignment (setting up your blog), please email me your blog’s URL (web address) by 6 p.m. Saturday (the first Saturday of the semester).

Once you’ve created a blog, you’ll also need to know how to log in and create new “blog posts” to submit your assignments. Click here for directions on how to do that.

By the way, you can also find “how to” information related to this class by clicking on the “How To’s” link under the “Categories” heading at the top left column of this blog.

P.S. While you’re at it, please click on the links at the top of this page to review the Jour 61 syllabus, grading, class schedule, assignments and links to class resources. You’ll need this information to successfully complete the class.

A word of advice: The best way to pass this class is to complete all of the assignments on deadline, and to revise them as needed to correct any errors I note in my comments. Conversely, the easiest way to fail this class is to skip a bunch of the assignments.