Help…my blog post didn’t publish!

A couple of you have run into problems getting your assignments to publish on your blog. There is a trick to it. Here’s how Blogger works: The first time you save a blog post, clicking on the “save now” button only saves it as a draft. It does not publish it. To publish a blog post, you have to click the “publish post” button.

However, once a blog post has been published, clicking the “save now” button saves it and republishes it.

Here’s how that works. Say, for example, you publish an assignment, then click on the “view site” link to give it one final review and make sure it really published (a practice I highly recommend, by the way). When you look over your assignment, you notice an AP style error and, of course, you decide to fix it. To do that, go back to blog’s dashboard, click on the manage “posts” link, then click on the “edit” link for that blog post. (Or click on the “back” button in your browser to get back to the post management area of your blog, and click on the “edit” link from there.) Make your edit, then click on “save now” or “publish post.” Your corrected blog post replaces the flawed original. You’re happy, I’m happy. Life is good.

If you run into blog problems, let me know. Another good resource is the help page. Here’s the URL: If you’re using a WordPress blog, the WordPress Lessons page is equally helpful.