Extra credit opportunity

Here’s your chance to attend a great panel discussion featuring four top investigative journalists…and earn extra credit for writing a news story about it!

The Event: An Investigative Journalism Panel hosted by the SJSU School of Journalism

When: Tuesday, October 21, at 10:00 a.m.

Where: The University Room in the Student Union

Details: This event will provide students with an opportunity to interact with noted journalists and gain insight from professionals in the field. Guest panelists include Dave Willman, Mark Katches, Lance Williams and Bert Robinson. For more information about the panelists and the program, check out this post on the The JMC Journal blog.

The Extra Credit Part: You can earn up to 25 points extra credit. To earn top points, write this piece as a hard news story or news feature. Make it approximately 250-300 words. Focus on the key points made by the panelists, and include one or two quotes. You may also want to get a comment or two from those in attendance.

Consider this an excellent opportunity to practice your news writing skills while earning some extra credit.