Copy Edit the World

Copy Edit the World

I’ve been getting some questions about Copy Edit the World submissions, since your first 10 points worth are due this week.

Here’s how to do it: Please link to the web page with the error (if it’s online) or take a photo of the item (poster, sign, brochure, menu, etc.) and post the photo on your blog. Either way, to get credit, you must identify and correct the error in your accompanying blog post.

Alternatively, if you’re on campus, you can hand-deliver a hard copy of the item in error during my office hours. Just be sure to put your name and the class info (Jour 61) on each submission, and identify and correct the error you’ve found.

Here’s one for practice. The first person (or people) to identify and correct (use the comment button to leave your correction) the errors in this photo gets two points extra credit per error.

Copy Edit the World!

Copy Edit the World!